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Occlusal Harmony

Your teeth function hand in hand with your upper and lower jaws. The comfortable relationship between your teeth, jaws, joints and muscles is known as occlusal harmony.

When occusal harmony becomes occlusal disharmony, various symptoms can present themselves, such as excessive wear on teeth, sore or loose teeth, facial muscle discomfort, temporo-mandibular joint discomfort, muscle fatigue, or short-term soreness of teeth or muscles upon awakening.  Even migraine headaches can manifest themselves as symptoms of occlusal disharmony.

Occlusal harmony is a critical component in determining which cosmetic changes one should consider. Many factors, such as speech, tooth alignment, positioning of front teeth and the contouring of front teeth in harmony with facial muscles, lip positions and tooth alignment, determine how teeth will look after cosmetic work is completed. 
The overall comfort of your teeth, jaws, joints and muscles, as well as the look you want to achieve, require the careful study of the existing conditions of your teeth, jaws, joints, muscles and speech patterns. 

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